The "Pride of the Tribe"

Ganado High School Band Website

sixth Grade Band

Band at Ganado ISD is required of all Sixth Grade Students. 

Students are introduced to the fundamentals of playing band instruments, divided into two groups:  brass and woodwind (percussion will be assigned to the group with the least number).  Emphasis will be placed on tone production, rhythmic pulse, embouchure, breath support, intonation, fingerings, hand position, posture, basic musical terms, time signatures, pitch placement, key signatures, and rhythmic counting.  Activities may include but are not limited to the following:

            Winter Concert                                               Spring Concert

            Any other performance/activity required by the Band Director


Seventh and Eighth Grade Bands

In Seventh and Eighth Grade, Band becomes an Elective Class. 

Emphasis is placed on music appreciation and performance with an advanced continuation of the basic fundamentals found in the beginner band.  Individual attention is given with an emphasis on tone production, intonation, ensemble drill, and rhythm pattern recognition.  Activities may include and are not limited to the following:

            Winter and Spring Concerts                           Solo/Ensemble Contest

            Jr. High All-Region Band                               Concert & Sightreading Contest

            Jr. High All-Region Clinic/Concert                Competitive Band Festivals

            Any other performance/activity required by the Band Director

The major emphasis in Eighth Grade Band is to prepare students to be successful as High School Band Members.