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Posted on April 10, 2012 at 7:05 PM

Students will need to report to the band hall tomorrow at the beginning of first period. You will need to be dressed appropriately for the contest (as if it were the Spring Concert). We will leave the school shortly after 8 a.m. The contest is in Sweeny at the HS Auditorium. The 7th grade band will warm up at approximately 10:15, perform at 10:45 and sightread at 11:10. After they sightread, Ms. Brandi Ramdohr will load them onto a bus and bring them to the restaurant called Polos which is located in Van Vleck for lunch.

Meanwhile, the 8th grade band will travel with the 7th grade band to Sweeny. We will be seated in the audience and listen to the first few bands of the day. When the 7th grade band leaves the stage, we will report to the bus. We will go to Van Vleck and eat lunch at the above mentioned restaurant at approximately 11:30. We will then travel back to Sweeny where our warm up time will begin at around 1:45. We will perform at 2:15 and sightread at 2:40. We will leave Sweeny to return home shortly after 3:00 putting us home in Ganado at around 4:30.

As we discussed today in class, if you volunteered to call a person who does NOT have facebook (or is grounded from facebook at the moment) please take the time to call them to make sure that they know the times listed above. Remember, you MUST wear the appropriate clothing as we have discussed in class to school as we will not have time or a place to change!

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