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Important Announcements

Day after Thanksgiving Playoff Game

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This is the basic plan, subject to minor changes depending on the time of the send off:

1 p.m.  Meet at school, get instruments, go out to practice field to run through show

1:30  p.m.  Load trailer, go downtown for send off

after send off  re-load trailer and leave for the game

3:30 p.m.  Restroom stop at Bucees in Luling

5:00 p.m.  Arrive at Cici's Pizza in San Marcos for all you can eat pizza buffett

5:50  p.m.  Reload bus and head for Bob Shelton Stadium

6:30 p.m.  Unload trailer, get into stands for game

7:30 p.m.  Game Starts

10:00 p.m.  Game end, reload vehicles, get ready to leave

10:30 pm.  Leave stadium

11:30 p.m.  Restroom Stop at Bucees again

1:30 a.m.  Arrive back in Ganado.  UNLOAD TRAILER AND GO HOME!

Since we are feeding you before the game, there will NOT be a third quarter break.

It is supposed to be cold.  Wear appropriate underclothing beneath the uniform.  Jackets, hats and gloves are fine, but gloves will have to be removed for us to perform at halftime. 

Itinerary for Dec. 12

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10:20 band hall opens

10:45 send off

11:00 back to band hall/load trailer

12:20 back at band hall, get on bus, check roll

12:30  buses leave forConroe

1:45 bathroom stop (McDonalds/Shell just south of Rosenberg)

2:00  buses leave

3:15 arrive at stadium

3:30 pizza delivered

4:00-4:15  start getting into stadium for game

5:00 game starts

7:30 ish  game ends

8:00 buses leave

Stop at Bucees in Wharton for pit stop, arrive home 10:30ish


Shiner Game

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3:30  Everyone go to band hall, put horns on loading dock

3:40  Loading Crew start loading trailer

4:00  Loading Crew done loading trailer

4:45  Report to band hall, get uniforms, load on bus

5:15  Bus leaves for Shiner

6:30  Arrive in Shiner, unload bus and trailer

7:00 Be in stands for warmup/pregame

7:30 Game starts

10:00 Game ends

11:30-midnight  Arrive back in Ganado

12:15 a.m.  GO HOME AND GO TO BED!!!!!!!!!!



Boling Game

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The Boling Game is on Sept. 11.

5:15  Meet at band hall

5:30  Load busses and leave for Boling

6:30  Arrive at stadium.  Unload equipment, go to restroom, get ready to enter stands

7:00  Enter stands for pregame

7:30 Game starts

9:30 ish  Game ends, load equipment and busses to return to Ganado

11:00 ish  Arrive back at school. 

All Home Games

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All Home football games will follow this itinerary:


3:30  Loading Crew report to band hall. 

6:00  Report to Band Hall.

6:15  Be seated in uniform, ready to warm up and tune.

6:50  Line up to march to stadium

7:00  March to stadium for pregame.

7:30  Game begins

9:30 ish  Game ends.  March back to band hall, put away uniforms and equipment.  Have parents pick you up in front of gym until further notice.

Bloomington Game Itinerary

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5:00 - 5:15  Report to Band Hall.  Make sure to have all needed equipment/uniform parts with you at this time.  For this game you MUST be wearing band shoes, black socks, blue jeans and the band polo.  That is the uniform we will be wearing.

5:30  Busses leave for Port Lavaca

6:30  Arrive in Port Lavaca at stadium.  Unload equipment, use the restroom, get ready to enter the stands.

7:00  Enter the stands.  Warm up. Pre-game ceremony

7:30  Game starts

9:30 ish Game ends.  Load equipment.  Check Roll.  Leave for Ganado

10:30 ish  Arrive in Ganado.  Unload equipment.  Go Home!

Please have parents waiting to pick you up when we arrive.  They can either be called via cell phone while you are on the bus or just told to be at the school at approximately 10:30.  Students must be picked up in front of the gym.  The gate leading to the band hall is closed for construction purposes!